Adolescent Counselling and Psychotherapy

I offer adolescent counselling to help with issues including the following:

> Relationship difficulties > Anxiety
> Anxiety > Self-harm
> Suicidal ideation > Social Media concerns
> Family issues > Bereavement
> Sexual concerns > Self-Esteem
> Identity > Social relationships
> Substance abuse > Anger
> Depression > Domestic abuse
> Sexual abuse > Low mood

The transition from childhood to adulthood can be a difficult one and can present with an array of issues. How adolescents cope with these issues is paramount. Quite often confusion and self-worth can surround their experiences and block contentment. 

The therapeutic approach to adolescent counselling is a delicate balance between the adult they nearly are and the child they are leaving behind. 

The initial meeting with parent/caregiver will be to establish the reasons of concern and gain an intake of information and observations that is sequential and pertains to the client. The process of therapy and the regularity of parent/caregiver meetings is explained along with consent forms if the adolescent is a minor. 

 A safe place in which the adolescent can express to the therapist is built up during initial sessions and parental meetings are regular throughout the process. If changes are needed after being expressed early on in the client’s sessions, they can be discussed during the parental meetings and can be implemented during the therapeutic process. We of course support the parents as part of the process. and any difficulties in communication between adolescent and parent/caregiver can be assisted by the therapist which can allow change to occur. 

Deep seated emotional issues within the client can be expressed once the safe place is established which is at the adolescent’s pace. This is a non-directed approach and is individual to each client as they reach this trust at their own pace. 

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